Sunday, October 23, 1988

The ‘Wanda’ Curse?


What a frustrating, roller-coaster kind of day. I guess going to the movie theater to see “A Fish Called Wanda,” I should have anticipated that frustrating things would happen, since apparently, frustrating things happen to me when I see it.

Anyway, I woke up late, since I could, and tottered down the hall to the refactory for lunch. After watching an episode of “Lost in Space" in the St. Martin’s TV room, I spent the afternoon helping nurse Sid, who was quite ill. Viv was also there as well. When Sid fell asleep, we stayed in her room and Viv did some homework while I wrote some letters to friends back home… Scott Reed, Trista Levy, Chris Mulvihill and my ex-girlfriend Deb.

Sid came to around 5 p.m, which is when I left her room to await my parent’s call. The call came at 5 after 5 (1 p.m. EST, since daylight savings time hit us, but not them, yet.) I finally got to talk to Dad, as well as Mom and Angie, and I let them know how I was doing, and found out how things were going back home. They are planning to call again next Sunday, same time.

Well after dinner, as I mentioned earlier, a group of us went into Hull to see the 8:00 p.m. showing of “Wanda.” Again, Viv and I got along very well during the film. Though I saw it already when it was showing in the States, it was a fabulous opportunity to see it with a whole bunch of British people, because it gave a whole new outlook on a lot of the jokes.

When we left the theater, everything seemed great. We stopped off at Double Happiness, although this time I did not get anything. It was during our walk home that everything crumbled.

First, Viv said that she liked me very much, but that she still was attracted to Doug. I was shocked and speechless, but I kept my composure because I had suspected that she did still like Doug. I just did expect her to say anything about it at that time.

Well, I then walked her up to her room, where we found Liz a total wreck. It turns out that the guy she liked told her earlier in the day that he wanted to break it off. What a bum rap.

I left the room so that Viv could talk to Liz, then returned to my room, where after a bout to get back into my room (I had given J.P. my hall key so that he could do his laundry later… and since it was later in the evening, the door was locked), I sat in the room with J.P., listening to “Dark Side of the Moon,” trying to sort everything out.

Then I heard a knock on my window, where I saw Liz standing, saying that she couldn’t get in the building, so I came around and let her in. We proceeded to talk over the next hour and a half about many different things, but mainly about her frustration. I think she left here a little bit happier, but in these situations, it can take time to heal the wounds. Well, it was late when I walked her back, so when I returned, I was knackered, so off to sleep I went.

(Pictured: Shops along Newland Avenue in Hull. I just loved the juxtaposition of a health food store right underneath a billboard with a picture of a humongous burger.)

  • Number One Song in Britain This Week: "One Moment in Time" - Whitney Houston
  • Number One Song in America This Week: "Groovy Kind of Love" - Phil Collins

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