Saturday, October 29, 1988

Spurning Spurn Head

Woke up around 10 a.m. I took a shower and then met up with Viv and Liz for lunch after we got Liz off to her home in Manchester (her brothers were supposed to pick her up at 11 a.m., but they didn’t arrive until after noon.)

After lunch, we walked to the surgery, but the doctors weren’t on duty at the time. So we left and went to the store for more Lockets and medicine for Viv. When we returned to The Grange, she went back to her room to rest while I went to mine to read.

Doug, J.P. Big Jon and others went to Spurn Head today, but I opted not to go because I wanted to take care of Viv, but also because it was quite cold outside. Oh, and I only had 9p to my name on me. Can’t get too far on that. When they returned, they were all generally disappointed, so I was glad that I couldn’t go.

We ate dinner, and since Viv was still ill, we stayed in again. Viv rested for a good bit of the evening while I stayed downstairs watching TV and hanging out at St. Hilda’s. I went up to check on her and she was awake, so I stayed to try and cheer her up and make her feel better.

(Pictured: A map of the Cottingham Road campus. Building D is the Student Union, a bar/disco where many an evening was spent.)

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