Tuesday, October 18, 1988

A Night at LA's

Got up and went to class. Nothing exciting to report about the first part of the day since it was all classes. However, after dinner and a shower it was "dress-up time" in order to head to Lexington Avenue, or "LA's," which is a popular nightclub in Hull. Since it was Student's Night, there were a lot of students at the club. We (J.P., Doug, Liz (pictured), and Viv, among others) got there at about 8:00 p.m., but they didn't open until 9:00 p.m., so we hit a warm-up pub, then went back when they opened their doors.

Well, needless to say, J.P. and I had a blast. Midway through the evening, though, I was feeling a little depressed, a bit because I realized that nothing was going to happen between me and Liz... her interests lie elsewhere. I was tipped off by Doug before we headed to the dance, and I took the news pretty well at the time. However, Foster's Lager has a way...

Anyway, J.P. cheered me up by telling me that we were going to be going up to dance on the balcony, or the "elite" dance floor. There, I started dancing with an attractive girl who's in my Soc/Pol class, although I know nothing about her. Later, I found out through a mutual friend that her name is Helen, and today was her 21st birthday. She must have known something about me, because while we were dancing, she asked me if they had "Acid House" music in America. Admittedly, I had not heard it before coming to Hull. I'm not crazy about it... it's a very bizarre style of dance music. But the beat does grab you after awhile, especially after a few beers.

It was quite an interesting evening, and J.P. and I were wired. We left after 1 a.m. with Viv (Liz stayed behind) and took a taxi back to The Grange. We then went down to Sid's room, and sat and talked until about 2:45 a.m. Sid told me she was sorry to hear about me and Liz, but I was already past the point of really caring about it. Finally, it was off to a solid night's sleep.

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