Thursday, October 13, 1988

The Significance of ‘Heart of Darkness’ (Is There Any?)

I was awoken this morning by one Douglas Schoener, who was slightly brain-fried from reading “Heart of Darkness’ last night. He did about as well as the rest of us attempting to read the book. At 11:30 a.m., Kenny, J.P., Doug and I headed out for some lunch, and after stopping at a deli for some garlic loaf (excellent), we stopped at a fish ‘n chips take away restaurant and had one of the greatest meals I’ve ever had. At least, considering what I’ve had to eat of late at the college, it felt that way.

While we were out, Kenny bought some speakers for his stereo and he was eager to try them out, so he headed back to the residence while we stayed at the restaurant and ate.

As we were walking back to The Grange after lunch, we were greeted by a jogging Kenny, who mentioned to us that the store forgot to include the plug for the speakers with the purchase. Anyway, after awhile, it was off to class (oh that’s right, we’re students!), with J.P. opting to stay behind. Class didn’t go too poorly, considering none of us fully understood the significance of “Heart of Darkness.” Of all of the classes, I think this literature course is going to be the roughest.

We returned from class at 4:15 p.m., and at 5 p.m. went for another disgusting refactory meal. At least the apple cobbler was good, though. Then it was laundry time, which ate up a good bit of the evening. Afterwards, I went over to Doug and Kenny’s room, and a group of us just sat around and talked awhile about nothing in particular. After all of that, it was time to head back to my room for some sleep.

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