Thursday, October 20, 1988

The Short, Wonderful Life of Charlie

Woke up at 11:30 a.m. and really lived a dog day today. I went to the refactory for some lunch, then hung out in J.P. and Doug's area on the first floor of St. Hilda's until class, when at the last minute, Doug decided not to go. Good for him, because it was quite dull.

During class, J.P. and I goofed off most of the time (rememberances of my high school days in Chemistry class taught by "Lucky Leif" Erickson, drawing dumb cartoons, making up funny names (I pulled out one of the best from those Chemistry days - Boncho "Bull" Oney - created by my friend Ted.) And for awhile, we even befriended an insect.

Charlie was the little guy's name. We had him crawl all over our table, and even created a little sports arena for him. (I beat him in soccer, 1-nil.)

Then J.P. squished him.

I laughed for about five minutes straight, because I was totally not expecting him to do that, and J.P.'s finger totally annihilated poor Charlie. J.P. said I was "getting too emotionally attached to Charlie" and he was getting jealous.

This was starting to become a habit for J.P., because after dinner he squished a big spider. It was a little more messy than Charlie's demise

Afterwards, we sat around south St. Hilda's, roaming around, talking to folks and accomplishing very little. At around 11:30 p.m., I got bored and left St. Hilda's, and went to visit Viv and Liz to see how they were doing.

Liz was actually a bit depressed when I got there. She said she was homesick, but I suspected something else was going on. And Viv said she was "poorly" (pronounced "paulie," meaning she was ill.) I spread what little cheer I could, then at about midnight I left to return to my room.

Thought I'd do a little laundry, so I grabbed my mud and blood-stained sheet (from last night's Toga Disco) and other whites and put them in the one working washer that was in the laundry room. While the washer was running I called Mom back in Camp Hill. We talked for awhile, and she said that Dad was at a class. We decided that she should call me on the community phone in our residence at 6 p.m. on Sunday (1 p.m. EST.) Everything was fine at home, and Angie said the she enjoyed the letter I had sent her.

Returned to my room until my wash was finished. Once it was done, I finally had (sort of) clean sheets again, and I went to bed.

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