Friday, May 19, 1989

An 'A' on My Essay ...

When I woke up this morning I ate my breakfast, then trotted up to the Inglemire site, where I first talked to Roz about the Social-Political Structures exam-essay. She and I worked out a plan, I think I can deal with. I will get the exam when everyone else does, and then I can give it to Sam to hand in for me when I'm done. That will allow me to leave sooner that day.

Next I went to pick up my Literature essay - and I got a 64! An A! That means I have a good shot at getting an A in the class for the year, which seals up six of my credits - great! Only 24 more to deal with.

This day I spent mostly writing letters. I finished the letter to Deb, and then wrote letters to Doug and Scott, Scott's being written after buying some stamps, a sandwich, and while laying out in the sun, as it was yet another gorgeous day in Hull. I did manage a slight tan, but it'll need some more work.

I wonder what Doug Staz is doing right now? I don't know why that thought just popped in my mind. I haven't seen Doug since our trip to the beach after high school graduation.

After dinner I read a bit of Sky magazine and bought some Whitbread Best Bitter for the evening. Watched "Cheers" at 9 and "Roseanne" at half-nine, followed by various shows, ending with an episode of "Kojak."

A relatively slow day, and with nothing else to do, I went to bed.

(Pictured enjoying the beautiful weather are camera-shy Paul and Kenny, with three of the French students, outside The Grange halls.)

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