Monday, May 8, 1989

Malthus Essay Due at 3 ...

I arose bright and early to eat some breakfast, take a shower find no mail awaiting me yet again, gather my books then go to the library to put the final touches on my Malthus essay.

It went rather well, and by noon I had completed a rough draft that I was pleasantly satisfied with, so I took it to the typewriter, and by 3 o'clock I handed in my final copy.

I bought myself a well-deserved candy bar in celebration of the completion of the essay, and then I went up to Poetry and Drama class for a discussion on Bertolt Brecht, which was OK.

Returned to The Grange for dinner, and afterward returned to my room to begin writing the final copy of my Twilight Zone-esque short story, "The Feast." It's basically about a man who dies, and must complete a simple test to prove himself worthy of entering Heaven, and all he must do is eat a meal. Of course, it has an ironic twist to it. I hope to make it the first in a collection of short stories. It's going to be fun doing this, I think. Hope I stick to it.

Later, Buffy stopped by my room and we talked for a bit, and then I went into the telly room with Sam and the others to watch "It Came from Outer Space," a low-budget 1950s sci-fi movie. We then watched a rather boring episode of "Miami Vice," ordered a ham pizza, and then watched (and trashed) "Prisoner of Cell Block H." Afterward, Sam and I returned to my room for a coffee and chat.

I did receive my registration materials from Millersville University, so that will give me something to do. I showed Sam the registration materials and tried to explain the process to him.

Sam suggested I bring any of my original writing along when I come visit his home this weekend. He said his literary group is holding a meeting on Thursday and I may get a chance to join him. Great! I informed him that I could premiere one that I've been working on. It'll be good to get some feedback.

Today's fantastic quote: My harsh reply to Jodie not understanding Bloom County, "The reason you don't understand it is because it is written on a fourth grade level." Ouch! That was uncalled for!

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