Saturday, May 13, 1989

Scunthorpe Theatre ...

I woke up at about 11 a.m., watched some TV, read my Peanuts books, and then intended to take a bath, but didn't quite get around to it.

Sam and I went back into town to return the films and walk about the market, but I didn't buy anything. When we returned home, we relaxed for awhile before heading back out and we walked to Poppin's to rent a film. We ended up with two, "Aliens" and "True Stories" (quite a combination!)

The evening's theater began with the Charlie Chaplin film "Modern Times" on TV, which was great. Next week they're showing "The Great Dictator." Can't wait to see that one. Next we watched "True Stories" and then took a bit of a mental break to watch "Rapido" on TV, before starting "Aliens." Had a bit of a problem with the tape at first, but managed to get it worked out. Excellent and scary film that had us both on the edges of our seats (and Sam had already seen it!)

We both tried to "scare" each other during the movie. I did the hand-in-the-shirt-so-it-looks-like-an-alien-coming-out-of-your-stomach trick. Sam just startled me when I came out of the bathroom.

Finally got to bed after 2.30 a.m.

Today's fabulous quote: "Look guys, it's a dud!" - me

Pictured: Another poster that I nicked from a show that I did not see, since I was not in town the night of the show. Looks like some good music was played that evening.

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