Saturday, May 20, 1989

Liverpool wins the F.A. Cup ...

It was another beautiful day, and I really did little of any significant importance today. I got a letter from my friend Shannon back in Millersville, which was nice. So I took some time to write back to her and mailed that letter off.

This afternoon was spent watching the F.A. Cup final with Liverpool against Everton in a battle of the Mersey. It was an excellent game, with Liverpool in the lead 1-0 with three seconds left, when Everton tied up the score and sent it into extra time. The scoring really picked up from there, and when it was all said and done, Liverpool won 3-2. But wow! What a game! (Pictured is a post card I have of Liverpool celebrating a previous F.A. Cup victory in 1986.)

Everyone was caught up in the football mood now, so after dinner I joined a pick-up game outside, but I really sucked.

The Liverpool fans at The Grange, who a month ago were in tears watching the Hillsborough disaster unfold, were now jumping and screaming for joy... as one has come to expect from Scousers. They were dancing on top of the dining tables at dinner, and as I left the halls, Chris had climbed to the top of the light post next to the church outside, screaming and singing the praises of Liverpool.

He is quite devoted to his team.

That evening, I watched Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator," which wasn't quite as good as many of his previous films, but still excellent... and uncanny how much he resembled Adolf Hitler. Others were playing a game of Pictionary, but I missed out in order to watch the rest of the film.

At the end I flipped through various other shows, but I was so knackered that I went to bed shortly after watching "Saturday Night at the Movies," where I learned that "License to Kill," which is coming out soon, will be Timothy Dalton's last time out as James Bond.)

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