Wednesday, May 17, 1989

Almost a Private Screening of 'Twins' ...

Since I didn't get to bed until late, I intended on sleeping in, but woke up unintentionally at 9.15 a.m. - too late to grab some breakfast, to dazed to go to class, but too awake to fall back to sleep.

I went through my usual routine until noonish, when I set off for town. I bought a ham salad sandwich at the deli along the way and stopped at a new record shop, which was quite cool. The only things I bought were a cassette of "Pictures at an Exhibition," a blank tape, a cherry 7Up.

I also bought a ticket to see the movie "Twins." Up until the movie started I was the only person in the theatre. I thought I was going to get an exclusive showing until two more people showed up right as the film started. I thought it was an entertaining film; glad I saw it.

Caught the bus back to The Grange for dinner, and then spent the vening watching TV and writing, as well as starting the tape for the next Radio St. Hilda's Top 20 (new format!) Hope it's a success.

Later, Sam stopped by and we talked for awhile, though not nearly as late as we did last night.

Today's fabulous quote is by Jodie: "It's not the size of the wand that's important, it's the magic that's inside." (She might not be the first person to have said it, though.)

(Pictured is Hull City Hall, in downtown Hull.)

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