Tuesday, May 23, 1989

Almost Won 2,000 Quid! ...

Today I thought of a good quote Doug once said... well, actually it was from Bloom County. But we used it the night before we left for England, and for awhile it was sort-of our catchphrase for awhile:

Doug: "Hey Dewey, pass me a donut."

Rick: "It's not my job."

If you must know what it means, you need to read more Bloom County.

Well, today was a marginal success of a day, though it is sure to be overshadowed by tomorrow. I spent a bit of the morning in the library typing part of "The Feast" until I got tired of doing that and sat down to read The Times. I checked my stocks in the stock game I'm playing to see if I won, and I came incredibly close to being £2,000 richer. I needed to score +25 or better with my six stocks. With my first five stocks, I had a +26 score, and only needed that last stock to not move at all. Unfortunately, that last stock was a -6, bringing me down to +20. So close.

Next I went and picked up my Geography essay from Mike Walton, and I got a 60, which now gives me an even more solid B in the class. I am currently holding what I believe to be 2 A's and 3 Bs in my classes, which is brilliant! I still can't be sure, though, and I still have four more exams to take.

Anyway, following that and the news, J.P. and I walked up to Cottingham Road to hand in our course selections for the fall at Millersville. We were given the run-around, so we both ran separate errands in the meantime (I checked on return flights for Viv) before we just handed in our course selections under the door.

I then went to Lloyd's Bank and discovered that I had a £200 overdraft available. Nice! So I took out £20 and sent my Access bill. I also bought a turkey salad sandwich before returning to The Grange.

A lazy evening was spent taping music, watching "Moonlighting," and talking to Sam for several hours while listening to some New Age music, taping it for him at the same time. Good conversation, of course. I didn't get to bed until about 2 a.m.

I am wired for tomorrow!

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