Monday, May 22, 1989

Coming to America ...

It was yet another gorgeous day with sunbathing weather, thought there was more of a breeze blowing. I spent a few hours outside trying in vain to study, but ended up grabbing loads of rays, giving me a brownish-red colour, which should develop into a tan. It pretty much felt like beach weather today.

Early in the evening, after an afternoon chat with Sam, Viv called me from Madrid to say, among other things, that she will be coming to America to visit me for a month this summer, but she won't be able to get a work visa.

Also, she said things are still pretty rough for her down in Spain. Apparently her flat mates, while she was out, cleared out her room and had a party in it, and then got mad at her because she was upset that they had done this to her. Geez, there are some pretty thick people in the world, and Viv seems to be living with a lot of them.

Anyway, it was a good conversation, and I was so glad to hear her voice.

After that, I continued work on a short story I am writing called "The Thirty-Seventh Heir." But I've changed the setting. I worked on this, mixed in with some milling about the halls, until 9 p.m., when Sam, myself, and a few others watched the movie "Fail-Safe" on TV. It is tense, excellent old drama about an accidental bombing of Moscow starring Henry Fonda, Larry Hagman, Fritz Weaver, Walter Matthau, Dom Deluise and others.

Following that we (Cat, Sam, Jane Challis-Whish, her boyfriend Chris and some others) sat in Jane's room talking over tea and coffee while water dripped from her ceiling. A plumber came and checked it out while we were there. Cool music (Velvet Underground, The Doors), and good conversation. It was especially nice for me because it was the first time I'd ever talked to several of the people here.

I came back to my room at 12.45 a.m., wrote a bit more, and then went to bed.

Pictured are Jane (left) and Vicki (right) relaxing outside The Grange halls.

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