Tuesday, May 16, 1989

Simon's Birthday Party, Live on Radio St. Hilda's ...

The days just seem to go faster and faster. I went to both of my classes and took notes for the exams, and I casually accomplished very little today. Charged some food at Grandways and bought some beer for Simon Wall's birthday party this evening - Whitbread's Best Bitter, which by the way I also had at Sam's literary group meeting the other night. It's quite good.

That afternoon J.P. and I made some tapes to play at the party, then waited for the party to begin. Lee planned to broadcast the music on Radio St. Hilda's, so that no matter where you were in The Grange, you could hear the music and continue the party. J.P. and I began drinking before the party actually started, and boy, what a turnout there was! It was packed, mostly on the first floor of St. Hilda's near J.P.'s room and throughout the halls. The radio station added a lot to the atmosphere.

I milled about and enjoyed it, but didn't really talk to anyone at length until Sam arrived a few hours later... as did the police. They were concerned about the loud music (I believe the neighbors must have called), but they weren't bothered by the alcohol at all. It would've been quite a different response at Millersville!

At that point the party sort-of split up, and many of us traversed over to the St. Martin's common room. Sam and I stayed here for about 15 minutes, then came back to my room for coffee. We ended up talking for another four hours (until 4.30 a.m.) about a plethora of topics.

Since I was still feeling the effects of the Best Bitter, I was very open in my discussions with Sam, and with mellow music playing by George Winston, Pink Floyd, ELP and a tape that Sam brought with him, I got quite sentimental and divulged to him many of the reasons that I decided to come to England and study for the year.

Sam reflected on the evening through a poem that he wrote at 4.15 a.m. entitled, "December."

I think this will turn out to have been quite a memorable birthday for Simon (he seemed to be having a good time), and I don't think I will forget tonight's chat with Sam. Hope I didn't divulge too much information, though.

Today's fabulous quote (now I'm only doing these when I think of one, instead of every day): This is me, walking back from Grandways with a box of food and beer, and confronting J.P. and Sid. "The benefits of having an Access card."

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