Wednesday, May 10, 1989

Another Movie Day ...

After a very interesting Geography seminar on rainforests, where I learned that it takes 55 feet of rainforest land to produce one McDonald's hamburger, among other things, I came back to my room to write, during which time Cat brought me £18 to buy her an Elvis Costello ticket in town.

At noon I got Buffy and we walked into town via Newland Avenue. Stopped at The Final Frontier, where I bought a copy of Batman's "Death in the Family, Part 3," for only £3.95 (it's selling in the states for about $40 right now). Amazing deal!

We stopped at other shops and I also bought batteries, guitar strings, Cat's ticket (only two were left for the bus to the Newcastle show!), and both Buffy and I bought the Scouse Aid "Ferry 'Cross the Mersey" 45 single for the Hillsborough Appeal, which was released on Monday.

Then we stopped at McDonald's for the 99p (guess I wasn't that concerned about the land my burger used up in Brazil.) After that we made our way to the Ferensway movie theatre where we saw "The Accidental Tourist." It was a good film, though it wasn't what I expected. Quite heavy, but William Hurt was great.

After the film we caught the bus back and I went to dinner. After that I bummed around St. Hilda's, getting locked with Paul in his room by Jodie for a half hour because she is a very funny person. I then went up to Buffy's room and we chatted for awhile, before I got tired and returned to my room and went to bed.

Today's fabulous quote, from Paul Crowley: "When words will fail, violence prevails."

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