Wednesday, May 3, 1989

I Can't Believe How Fast These Days Are Going ...

Today was an essay work day, so it will likely read boring, though I must say that it was a highly successful day.

I went to my 9.15 Geography Class, then grabbed some necessary books from the library and did some research there before taking a break and buying a jumbo turkey sandwich before returning my work to my room. The essay progressed slow, but each paragraph, in my opinion, was a mini masterpiece (he says, proudly tooting his own horn), which I pieced together in the end. Piecing together paragraphs to form a full essay is quite an unusual style for me to follow, but it seemed to work here for me.

I took a break to visit the library (some break!), watched a great "Buck Rogers" rerun (which I found out recently gets higher ratings here in Britain than a new episode of "The Cosby Show"!) From 11-12, Buffy stopped by and we chatted over coffee, her brain fried nearly as much as mine.

At 2 a.m., I had all but a conclusion written and pieced together, and satisfied with my work, which will determine my grade for six credits back at Millersville, I went to bed.

Needless to say, even though I feel pretty good about this essay, I'm still worried sick about it because of how much of my grade is riding upon it, because I've been disappointed by grades on essays I thought I did well on before, and because Donny might find something he just doesn't like about my analysis.

Still, I think it still shows a major effort. Tomorrow I type it up.

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