Monday, May 15, 1989

The Debut of Radio St. Hilda's ...

Sam woke me up bright and early today (6.45 a.m.) to prepare for our arduous journey back to Hull. Not much to say about it, really. Bid farewell to Jenny and then caught the three buses required to get ourselves back to the halls. Read the newspaper most of the way to pass the time. We were only able to catch a bus to the Cottingham Road stop, so we had to walk the rest of the way. As a result, we just missed breakfast by 10 minutes.

Not much happened during the day, either. I did my laundry, did a little writing, finished reading "The Little Prince" (excellent), and took a walk with J.P. to see Dr. Foster, who wasn't in at the time. Also went to find out flight information for Viv, got money out of the bank, and bought a sandwich at the local deli for lunch.

J.P. then went to get a haircut while I returned to the halls, eating my sandwich. I also received three letters in the post today. One from Chris Mulvihill (finally!), but it was referred to as Letter II, and I haven't received Letter I, so a few things didn't quite make sense. I also got a letter from Doug, which cheered me up. He's doing well.

And I received a letter from Viv, telling of some of the hardships she's experiencing down in Madrid. But it looks 90% definite that she'll be coming to the states to visit me, even if it will only be as a vacation. The letter was mostly depressing, with the rough time she's having down there, but it was so good to hear from her.

It was at dinner when I was introduced to Radio St. Hilda's, 94.5 FM. In his room, Lee actually built a real working radio station, and apparently has been broadcasting anything that anyone wishes since last Thursday. So I dod a sort-of American Top 10, playing various novelty tracks and what have you that I've collected. Here's how the list looked:

  • 10. St. Hilda's Pissheads, 1989 Remix (tape done in Kurt's room during the first term)
  • 9. I Bet You They Won't Play This Song on the Radio - Monty Python
  • 8. Hold 'im Down, Hit 'im - Reed and Reitz (me and my friend Scott doing a take no the Beastie Boys song)
  • 7. Magical Misery Tour - National Lampoon
  • 6. Fat - Weird Al
  • 5. Acid Quickie - D.J. Jazzy Singe and the Complete Plays (J.P., et. al)
  • 4. Pretty Flowers - Yokel
  • 3. Wet Dream - Kip Adotta
  • 2. Ace - e-Conspectu (J.P.'s band back home)
  • 1. Hold My Hand - The Rutles

It seemed to generate a favorable response, so maybe I'll do another one next week as well. I would love to create a radio station like this when I get back to the 'Ville in the fall. I'll have to ask Lee how he did it.

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