Friday, January 27, 1989

A Plane to Spain? ...

Well, I woke up early again for my morning seminar with Roz Billington and the Social-Political Structures crew. Good fun, as always - a great way to prepare for the weekend.

Later on, Viv and I caught the bus into downtown Hull, where we proceeded to shop for essentials, such as the Elvis Costello songbook that I bought. OK, we bought some grocery provisions as well.

We also started to gather some information about travel to Spain. Next month, Viv's course in international business studies has her going to Madrid, Spain for the rest of the course year. Of course, it won't be much fun spending the rest of the year without her, but it does provide me with an opportunity to visit someplace new and exciting.

And it looks like it's all go for me! Conserve, conserve young warrior! If I'm going to pull off a trip to Spain, I'm going to have to really tighten the belt and save my money. But after crunching the numbers, I think it will be possible.

I still need to decide which is the best way to travel there... either by plane, train or bus. I may only have one option available to me, actually. Traveling by train or bus means going through France, and since Americans are required to obtain a visa to travel through the country, it may be easier to travel by plane... not to mention faster, even though it's probably more expensive. Sure, it's probably not too difficult to get a visa, but it annoys me that France is requiring that I do this, so I think I just want to bypass their country altogether... at least until they lift this absurd requirement.

Anyway, following our shopping bonanza, we returned to dine in the refectory, watched a little telly, and played with Shannon the Hamster for a bit. I got a letter from home today, with $25 in it. Thanks Mom and Dad! It's going straight into the Spain Fund.

One month ago today it was December 27. It doesn't mean anything, except that I was in Edinburgh.

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