Saturday, January 28, 1989

A Tape from Greg ...

Started the day lazily watching some Saturday Morning Cartoons. I don't think you can ever be too old to enjoy that favorite pasttime! Admittedly, though, they weren't quite as good here as they are in America. Basically did that until Viv and I went to grab some lunch.

Viv did some revision and study, since her exams start in a little over a week. There's a lot of pressure on her; she needs to pass a certain amount of the exams (and she says they are extremely difficult), or her plans for study in Spain will be canceled. Which means my plans for visiting her while she studies in Spain will also be canceled. Sure, no stress there!

For me, not quite as much stress. Actually, this was my first weekend in a long while of not having to worry about writing an essay, so I celebrated by relaxing.

In the post today I received a very comprehensive tape/letter/picture show package from my friend Greg Swartz back in Camp Hill. I played it while sort of still lying in bed. Viv was there with me listening to it as well, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. One amusing thing he did was collect a bunch of oddball photos - some of me, some of others - then told a story using those pictures. It was quite clever, and its always a treat to get something from home... to get to hear actual voices is an even bigger bonus. (Pictured are a few of the photos that Greg sent to me. The first is a blurry pic of me and Mike Metevier sitting at Bob's Big Boy in Camp Hill. According to the story, I was paying some sort of a bribe. The second is of the 1979 Chevy Malibu Classic station wagon I drove during high school, and the third is a self-portrait of Greg.)

Of course, I then had to prepare to record my reply tape. I gathered my resources to try and produce the best recording possible. Although I didn't quite finish it, I did manage to get quite a bit accomplished. I pulled in the musical talents of J.P. Cardoso, keyboardist for the Philly band E Conspectu. He helped me record the 1989 Ugly Remix of "I Don't Like Ugly People" (the signature song by my band, Yokel, from our first album, "Shut Up and Listen to Our Lousy Album." I'm known as Glerk Mutton (vocals, bass), Greg is Brick (guitar), and Steve Benner is Chauncey "Buck" Naykid (drummer).

We really suck.

Anyway, we also recording an Acid-style song using the keyboard J.P. borrowed, did a skit on Home Brew, and other fun stuff. It should be quite good when it's finished.

Later on, we watched two movies on TV - "The Goonies" (probably would've been more enjoyable if the kids in it weren't so dang loud all the time), and "2001: A Space Odyssey." I wonder if this is what life will really be like 12 years in the future? (How's that for polar opposite movies?)

I went to bed shortly after "2001."

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