Monday, January 9, 1989

Back to the Routine ...

Once again, it's time to start worrying about writing an essay, this time for Social/Political Structures class.

But oh, the mail that was awaiting me when I returned to college! Several Christmas cards and letters from friends and relatives - 14 in all! So I ate breakfast with a smile, then went back to the room to read all of the mail.

One of those letters was from Scott Reed, who had some interesting items to share. (Picture is of Scott's letter, not actually from Oliver Cromwell or Neville Chamberlain.)

"They're trying to start a Democrats Club at school (Yes, at Liberty University!) This has prompted jokes like, 'Hey, there's a Dem's Club meeting at 7:30 in the Science Hall Broom Closet! Bad joke, but still...

"I'm home now, wish you were, yes I do miss you, bud. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to come out this summer... I considered using my graduation money, but decided it would have to go to a ring and honeymoon fund.

"No, I'm not getting married. But Tammy and I talked about it for the first time on Friday (she was here for three days.) It would be for over 2 yrs., so we're not thinking too much of it. Still, I've never talked so seriously yet. It has been over 8 months now... Wish I could have you here to babble a bit.

"How is your situation? Did you snag the one you were after? How are classes? And most importantly, how's life in 'jolly old England?' ... Do you have a job? How about an accent? You rogue, you! Well, I have a lot more to say, so keep in touch. Sorry again for my forgetfulness.

"Your pal, Neville Chamberlain"

Afterward, I went to my Poetry and Drama class, unaware that I was supposed to have read something for today. So after class I went to the library and checked out the book in order to catch up.

Following that, J.P. and I returned to The Grange to eat some dinner. Ugh! The food was as unappetizing as I remembered.

In an effort to spend less money, I stayed in this evening, read a bit, and cuddled with Viv. Isn't that cute?

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