Saturday, January 14, 1989

The Heat is On ...

I woke up later today because I could. Arose around 11 a.m. when the plumber knocked on my door. He came to turn on my heater (finally!), so I told him to come back in a few minutes when I was "decent."

He came back about 2 hours later, after I had eaten lunch and was working on my report.

I spent the entire day in the Halls, working on my Social-Political Structures paper, on Individuals and Society... or thinking about working on my paper. At 6.45, after dinner, Viv and I went to the TV room and watched "You Only Live Twice," which was this week's Bond movie on TV. It was quite good, but again, now I'm seeing that it's quite different from the book.

After the movie I returned to my room to work on the paper, until I was convinced that I had done a good bit of it. I'll finish it tomorrow. J.P. told me he hasn't started his yet. I hope he knows what he's doing.

Spent the rest of the evening, as usual, with Viv.

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