Wednesday, January 18, 1989

'Say You'll Accept the Charges, Grandma!' ...

Today is my Mom's 40th birthday. Woke up early as I always do (Ha!) to have some breckie. Then went to my Geography class at 9.15 a.m. Following that we got a group together, and then went into town separately to see the film "Young Guns."

First Viv and I shopped around. I bought some provisions for Shannon the Hamster, as well as 3 blank tapes. We went to the afternoon show since it was only £1.20 for students with ID. It was actually quite good... certainly a better film than I expected... and rather violent. From what I've heard, its actually supposed to be one of the most accurate accounts of Billy the Kid's life made yet.

Well, we came back in time for dinner, and afterwards it was plop time in the TV room. We settled in, only to discover that Dr. Who's season had finished, so no episode was on tonight. They don't show reruns like we do in America, so once it's done, it's done. Later on we watched an episode of "Thirtysomething," which was pretty good. Compared to most of the soaps they show here in Britain, "Thirtysomething" has a considerable amount of substance.

Afterward, I called home to talk to Mom and wish her a happy birthday. Unfortunately, she wasn't home and Grandma wouldn't (or couldn't) reverse the charges. So I was cut off rather quickly and didn't get a chance to talk to anyone at home. I tried to call again a little bit later, but didn't have success and I gave up. I'll just try and call them again the next time I visit the Morrisons.

Viv and I took Shannon out for her daily ritual, and shortly thereafter the day thus endeth.

(Pictured: Statue of Queen Victoria in downtown Hull.)

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