Tuesday, January 10, 1989

A Day with Lots of Class ...

It was a big class day thing. After Viv woke me up and I went down to the refectory to eat some breakfast, I took a shower, then trotted off to class.

The first class was Literature in Context, where we had an interesting discussion on the poetry of the Spanish Civil War era (1930s.) That was followed by the Geography seminar, and then Social/Political Structures, where Ian Welsh found it his duty to, in the discussion of the corporation, rag on everything he could possibly think to slam. Some of it was funny (such as his take on the Ford Pinto), some of it was rather heartless (referring to his take on coroporate attitudes toward the Bohpal tragedy, "It was only a couple of Indians.")

Returned to my room to do some more reading, eat dinner, and once again do my best not to spend any money. There's a good chance this is going to be some fairly boring reading from hear on out, unless my financial situation miraculously improves. Oh well, onward I go!

I received some more great mail today, including a 1989 Beatles calendar from Uncle Larry and Aunt Joanne. I also finally wrote my big letter to Greg Swartz back in Camp Hill, which I will mail when I go into town tomorrow. This day ended pretty much the same as the previous two days had.

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