Tuesday, January 31, 1989

Propaganda and Feminist Rhetoric in the Classroom...

Went to all of my classes today. Literature in Context was on the subject of Propaganda in Literature. Geography concluded our section on tourism and began our new topic on unequal development. And of course, good old Roz Billington was spouting her usual feminist rhetoric in Social/Political Structures, this time on the topic of sexual division of labor.

Later I came back to the halls and J.P. and I began work on a tape for his friends, which included a hilarious skit interview with me as the lead singer of Yokel (which, of course, I am.) I hope they enjoy it.

I didn't buy anything today, so I saved even more dough for my hopeful trip to Spain. I also did some more research on the student loan system being proposed here in Britain (which has met with heavy resistance among students). I of course found it to be very logical and fair.

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