Monday, January 23, 1989

Well, It's Done Anyway ...

Ate breakfast, then spent the day finishing up writing one of the worst papers I've ever written ... on E.M. Forster. I finished it at 3.30 p.m., a half-hour before it was due.

After handing it in, I retired to the library for awhile, read the newspaper, checked out some books, and then went back to The Grange for some dinner. After dinner Viv and I went to the movies. We intended on going to see "Red Heat," but it was packed and eventually sold out. So we shifted gears and attempted to see "Cocktail" instead. That, too, was sold out. So we opted for our third choice, "The Presidio," starring Sean Connery, Mark Harmon, Meg Tilly and Jack Warden. It was entertaining, although Viv thought the language was a bit saltier than necessary. Now I know what the place where my friend Ted Schaeffer is stationed at looks like. (I didn't see him pop up in the film anywhere!) (Pictured is the brochure for the movie. The movie theatres in Hull often had these available in the lobby to promote upcoming movies.)

When we left, we saw movie moguls Dave and Karen leaving as well, and rode the bus back with them (They went to see "Young Guns.") When we returned, Viv went up to see Liz, while I went down to St. Hilda's, jamming for a bit with J.P. Well, sort-of.

Later, Viv and I went back to my room to take care of Shannon. Relaxed, then went to bed.

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