Wednesday, January 11, 1989

Ninjas and Superspies ...

Woke up for breakfast and then headed to my 9.15 Geography lecture. Once that piece of necessary business was done, my classes for the day were completed and I had the rest of the day for myself.

J.P., Big Jon and I walked into Hull, stopping at a junk shop, where I bought a rare old Mike Rutherford 45 single record "Working in Line/Compression (non-album track)" for 40p. Great find! Then I priced various film processing stores until I decided to trust my pictures from my recent travels to Just Films. Next I mailed Greg Swartz his Letter of Massive Proportions, then returned in time (2 p.m.) to begin another adventure, this one involving "Ninjas and Superspies" with Colin and Barry. It's quite a fun role playing game, not too unlike "Top Secret." We stopped at about 5.15 p.m. for dinner, to resume again next week.

Forgot to watch Dr. Who again, making it four weeks in a row, so I guess the habit has been broken. Instead I began to read "Howard's End" by E.M. Forster for Prose Fiction class tomorrow.

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