Tuesday, January 17, 1989

Writing an Article for The Snapper ...

Busy day of classes today. I went to Literature in Context class, ate lunch, then went to Geography. Next I headed over to pick up my grant check (£87... that'll come in handy!), then it was off to Social/Political Structures class.

After that I had a stint in the library to do some research on an article I'm working on for The Snapper. I'm doing a look back at the 10th anniversary of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. The anniversary isn't until March 28, but I need to work ahead in order to get it to Millersville in time for the corresponding issue of The Snapper.

Next I came back to the halls, ate dinner, then, thinking that the movie "Halloween" was on TV tonight, I told everyone that it was. So I went and got a bottle of cider, and eventually made my way to the TV room ... only to discover that I was wrong; "Halloween" was not on TV tonight. We were in the mood for a little fright night, so that was a bit disappointing.

Finished my cider and then went back to my room with Viv for the rest of the evening.

(Pictured: Just for fun, a fake ad for "Up Tub" from the latest issue of the bimonthly Viz Comics. Always a great time when the next issue hit the stands and made its way around the halls. Note Michael J. Fox's "quote.")

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