Wednesday, February 1, 1989

Rick's Cafe ...

For the first day of February, and since we had no classes today, J.P. and I made our way into Hull by walking through the shops along Newland Avenue. Our goal was to buy some of the books that we need to read for Literature class, however, we ended up buying everything but.

I found a great poster from "Casablanca," featuring Humphrey Bogart, Paul Henreid and Ingrid Bergman standing in front of Rick's Cafe Americain. (Editor's Note: This poster, now framed, still hangs in my living room.) I also bought four Peanuts books, the remaining James Bond books I needed (Casino Royale, From Russia with Love, Octopussy), and various other provisions. It was a good sortie, despite failing on our intended targets.

We took the bus back to The Grange Halls, and there were these two knobhead kids sitting in front of us who almost got their necks broken. However, we decided against this action since there were legal implications and we did not wish to create an international incident. Returned home with our contraband, and soon after headed off for dinner.

After dinner, when I probably should've started reading "Mrs. Dalloway," I instead began to work on a new tape for Chris Mulvihill and my friends at Millersville University.

At 10.15 p.m., Viv and I went down to watch "Thirtysomething" on our hall's new huge color TV. Took care of Shannon the Hamster, then went to bed.

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