Monday, February 27, 1989

No 'amsters in the Room, Luv ...

Well, after breakfast things didn't start off too hot for me, as Gloria the maid discovered Shannon the Hamster in my room and informed me that I couldn't keep her. Which, of course means that I need to find a good hiding space for her in the closet, out of Gloria's sight. So after I vacuumed my room, I cleared a space for her in my closet.

I went to the library and began to work, like about 50 other students, on my essay. All went well for me, and although I ended up missing class to put the finishing touches on my essay, I managed to complete an essay that I was happy with, in plenty of time.

I spent most of the rest of the evening around Kenny's room, where we played cards, including the longest game of Blackjack ever (one game lasted 30 minutes!) This is, of course, British Blackjack and not the "21" variety.

We also just relaxed and for about 2 hours read Trivial Pursuit questions to each other. It sounds boring, but it was actually rather fun. We also listened to AC/DC's "Back in Black" three times in a row. Kenny was heading over to hit play for the fourth time when I intercepted him and put in one of the other four CDs he owns, Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells." - an excellent album.

Later I returned to my room, and when I checked on Shannon in her new hiding space... she was absolutely petrified from spending all that time in a dark area. I let her out for awhile and decided that I would keep here in there only when it was absolutely necessary. It calmed her down when I got her out, but I had to change her cage because she had ripped it all up in her panicked state. Went to bed at 12.30 a.m. listening to George Winston.

Pictured: This is an interesting ad that I spotted in a British newspaper, exact date not remembered. However, 1988-89 this was right around the time that Marillion was looking for a new lead vocalist. Could I have possibly missed my opportunity to replace Fish in the legendary prog rock band?

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