Monday, February 20, 1989

Emotionally Draining Day at The Grange ...

Today I helped Viv pack her things, then we waited for her parents to arrive and take her home, where she will stay until flying down to Madrid to continue her studies. We exchanged our goodbyes when they arrived, and by 2 p.m. they were off to Skegness.

I went to my Poetry and Drama class thereafter, but as you might expect, I wasn't really into it today.

After dinner I hung out around St. Hilda's, where I played cards with Kenny, Lee, and Little John. It wasn't long before I found myself out £1.50.

I watched some TV for awhile, and later on Viv called me from home to tell me that everything was OK with her. Came back to the TV room and watched "Kiss of the Spider Woman" starring William Hurt, which was an excellent film.

Afterwards, Sam (pictured) invited me over for a cup of coffee and we talked for awhile... which was great. We always seem to have interesting and topical conversations. I really needed that distraction today.

Eventually, I made my way down the hall to my room for some sleep.

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