Wednesday, February 15, 1989

Mail Call ...

Woke up early to eat some breakfast (as usual) and began my final work on my James Joyce essay. Received 3 letters today... Valentine's cards from Mom & Dad ($25 gift cheque... total of $75 for Valentine's Day! I hardly ever do that well even on my birthday!) and from Trista, and finally a letter from Doug.

It was the first I had heard from Doug since he returned to the States (pictured). Seems like he's doing better now that he's back at Millersville. Still, it would've been cool if he stayed for the rest of the semester.

I worked diligently through the day and finished the paper with about 15 minutes to spare before heading to class. I was quite pleased with the product. J.P. just made it as well, though he was less pleased. Celebrated the evening with a bottle of wine with Viv, and continued to work on the tape for my parents. Watched Thirtysomething as well as MASH.

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