Wednesday, February 22, 1989

What's the Rushdie? ...

It was an early rise for breakfast again, and after Geography class and a reading period, J.P., Neil, Paul and I went into town, where I bought a hardback copy of Salman Rushdie's mega-controversial "The Satanic Verses" to see what all the fuss is about. I also mailed Scott his tape. Afterward the group of us went to see "The Naked Gun" (my second viewing.) (Pictured is one of the "Naked Gun" brochures handed out at the movie theatre.)

We returned in time for diner, and afterward I traversed between my room and St. Hilda's. Viv called me this evening, and told me that she was quite ill. We spent time discussing our plans to have her come to America to visit with me this summer. Hopefully we can make that work. It has been quite an adjustment not having her around here, but I'm looking forward to seeing her soon in Spain.

After we hung up, I went into the TV room to watch "Carrie." I missed the best bit, however, but for a great reason - Greg Swartz called me. We talked for awhile about home, here, and future plans, and it was ver nice to hear from him again.

Came back to the film and watched the end, with people filling me in on what had happened while I was gone. Today I also wrote an article for The Snapper about Salman Rushdie and that whole affair. (Pictured is the first draft I wrote of that article. Click on it for a larger view.)

Finally went to bed at about 2 a.m.

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