Thursday, February 2, 1989

A Pint at the Haworth ...

Woke up for breakfast with the intent of reading "Mrs. Dalloway." Instead, I finished up recording the tape I was making to send to Chris Mulvihill at Millersville. A lot of it is similar to the first tape that I made for Greg, but I did personalize it a bit.

I went to my Lit class and it was boring, but I'll still read "Mrs. Dalloway." Came back to the Halls with Viv for dinner, and afterwards I returned to the library to work on my homework for the Social/Political Structures seminar tomorrow on Sexual Division of Labor.

When the library closed at 9 p.m., Sam was also there and asked me if I'd be interested in going out for a pint, so we trekked over to the Haworth Arms pub (pictured), where we talked a good deal about everything, though most of it was political in nature. We don't see eye-to-eye on much politically, him being a socialist and me being a conservative... but that makes for more interesting conversation.

Came back to The Grange to see Viv, and then at 10.10 we watched the Tracey Ullman Show to round out the day.

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