Friday, February 3, 1989

'Die Hard' Day ...

Ooh, I just remembered that yesterday was Groundhog Day. I wonder if Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow? And if he did, I wonder if it means anything about six-more weeks of winter here in Britain? They don't celebrate Groundhog Day here. (Note: In 1989, Phil did see his shadow.)

I went to my Social/Political Structures seminar today, and put my two cents worth into the discussion (which here is worth about 1.35 p, based on the current exchange rate), which, of course, was generally not to Roz Billington's liking. That's OK with me, because I'd hate to think similar to her.

I ate lunch, then started to work on a tape for Scott. I've been getting into sending tapes to friends back home of late. Fun way to send a message!

Later that evening, Viv and I headed downtown to see "Die Hard." No problem getting into the theatre. This was the third time I've seen it (twice before in the States, including a sneak preview the week before it opened), and after three times, it's still a very gripping film. Viv also loved it.

Came back to my room, watched some telly, then went to bed.

Pictured is a postcard of Viz Comics' own Roger Mellie, the Man on the Telly.

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