Tuesday, February 14, 1989

Valentine's Day, Just Barely ...

Hey, I received a Valentine's Day card from my grandma today with a $25 gift cheque... naturally being saved for Spain! So the money situation is getting a little bit better.

Viv and I exchanged Valentine's this morning before I shot off to all of my classes.

It actually wasn't that great of a day, because I had all of my reports to worry about. But I made the best of it and got a lot of work done. Viv and some of her friends went out to L.A.'s that evening to get away from some of her studies while I worked. I also took a few breaks to work on my parents' tape, and one other break when J.P. came to visit me. He is also working on the same essay.

I was still busy working when Viv came back from the nightclub at about 2 a.m., but I gave in to extreme tiredness soon thereafter, concluding that it would be best if I finished the essay tomorrow.

Pictured is a Valentine's postcard I got for free out of The Times newspaper. Never used it, though.

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