Monday, February 13, 1989

The 'Big Package' Arrives ...

Back to the grind once more as classes resumed this week. I did some further reading and worked in the library on my James Joyce report before going to Modern Poetry and Drama class. Viv came to the library with me and worked on a letter for her grant.

At lunchtime she went back to the room while I slipped off to buy a bottle of wine and a card for Valentine's Day tomorrow.

When I returned to the library, Viv had stopped buy to drop off my mail, and to let me know that a big package arrived for me. Finally! This was the box of things that I wanted to bring along with me, but didn't have enough room in my carry-ons to take back in September... plus a few other things I had asked Mom and Dad to put in there. To save money, it was sent via boat. And it ended up taking a few months to get here.

When I got back to the room I excitedly ripped it open and dug through it. At first I was a little disappointed because it didn't have some of the tapes and pictures that I was hoping would be in there. And the electric converter didn't work on my stereo like I had hoped. So I have to continue using batteries. Fortunately, it had a lot of other things that I could use, so I was certainly glad it arrived.

I worked a little bit more on my James Joyce paper in the evening, and then spent time with Viv.

I didn't have any really good photos or items to feature for today, so I included another map of Hull, circa 1988.

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