Tuesday, February 7, 1989

Spike: the Beloved Entertainer ...

With no classes on the agenda, I decided to sleep in today, but much later than I had planned. I did get up for some breakfast with Viv, but then I went back to my room while she went off to study, and I fell asleep until 12.30.

At 1.30 I walked into town and bought three more Peanuts books for my collection. But the main reason for my travels was to pick up a cassette of Elvis Costello's new album, "Spike: The Beloved Entertainer." Interesting album cover. Overall, I quite liked it. Viv didn't care for it. I'm looking forward to seeing his concert in Newcastle in May. That should be a great show.

I took the bus back from downtown Hull to the residence, ate dinner, and then Viv once again studied. I read a bit myself, then put aside the seriousness and went to visit J.P. I helped him make a tape for his friends, along with Paul. In one skit, Paul and I played Mujahadeen Rebels who mistakingly though that J.P.'s room was Kabul. It was spontaneous and quite funny.

That's about it.

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