Wednesday, February 8, 1989

A Field Trip to Leeds ...

Today we had the first of a two-part field trip for Geography class, this one to the city of Leeds.

Before we left for the trip, I got my mail, and the timing was perfect... I received the latest copy of The Snapper courtesy of my friends back at the newspaper in Millersville. I took the newspaper along for the bus ride to Leeds. I got to read my first commentary article that appeared in the paper, and I learned that Sam Kinison was coming to perform at Millersville. Man, I was outraged (since I couldn't be there!) During my freshman year we listened to Kinison over and over again... and now to know that I'm missing him when he would've been within walking distance of my room! Well, what can you do...maybe he'll schedule a return engagement next year.

Anyway, Leeds was OK. Slightly interesting, but really just a big industrial town. We took a look at some of the areas where urban revitalization is taking place. Kind of neat to see how they can turn old, abandoned areas into new and useful homes and offices. (Picture #1 is J.P. looking at some of the reclamation projects in Leeds, where an abandoned factory was turned into upscale condominiums.)

Next we went to Saltaire, a small town near Bradford that was build in the mid 1800s as a self-sufficient community for the workers as the Salt Plant, a textile mill operated by Sir Titus Salt. Interesting planning concept there. We toured the Plant - it's not used as an industrial plant anymore, and there was actually an art exhibit there featuring works by David Hockney. Overall it was a small, somewhat bizarre, but overall nice town. (Pictures #2 and #3 are from the Saltaire visit.)

After that we boarded the bus and headed back to Hull, and after dinner, J.P. and I wrote letters to the editor of The Snapper, mainly to trash some pathetic political cartoons in the newspaper. We then broke from the trashing to watch M*A*S*H, but still giggled profusely at the brilliant witty words we wrote in our letters.

Viv still studied all day.

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