Thursday, February 16, 1989

Spanish Trip Remains Up in the Air ...

Viv and I made our way up to the Cottingham Road site to see her final results and whether or not she passed, which would determine whether or not she was going to continue her studies in Spain. When we got there, the results weren't posted yet. So we ran a few odd errands and then returned home.

Classes today were canceled due to the Stupid Union's (excuse me, the Student Union's) decision that all students should boycott classes in support of their opposition of the government's Student Loan plan. Since I support the loan plan, I was furious that classes were just canceled outright and that I did not have an opportunity to show my lack of support for the boycott. But alas, I was helpless.

Later, I joined Liz and Viv en route once again to check on their grades for the Spanish Business program. Viv found out that she had failed two of the tests and was awaiting a third result. If she failed this test, then she wouldn't be going to Spain (and neither would I).

While awaiting that third result, we checked out information on traveling to Spain. It would cost me £104 to fly, £100 to travel by train. I still don't know, though it seems worth it to pay the extra 4 quid to fly and bypass France.

That night Viv and I went to see "Arthur 2: On the Rocks," which to my surprise was a pretty funny movie. A short while after we returned from the theatre, my friend Greg called me at the halls, so I talked to him for awhile on a range of a whole bunch of topics. Some of the topics appeared to have annoyed Viv, because she left the phone room before the end of my conversation.

After I returned to my room, she expressed her displeasure with my characterization of the British by using the popularity of the band Bros. as an example. She was quite mad at me. I guess I went a bit too far. We eventually made up, though.

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