Saturday, February 11, 1989

Saving for Spain ...

I got a letter from my grandparents today for Valentine's Day, and a gift cheque for $25... which is going right in the savings for my plans to travel to Spain and visit Viv in March while she's studying there.

Viv and I walked into downtown Hull, stopping at a used book shop along the way, where I purchased two more Peanuts books to add to my collection. We then headed to the monthly Record Fair, where we walked around a bit before I purchased a few items, including another copy of Prince's "Black Album." It's the third time I've bought it since coming here, but this looks like the best copy of the three, so I will give this one to my friend Scott, who implored me to buy the album in the first place. We then ate lunch at McDonald's.

Viv and I started work today on a tape that I will be sending to my parents, telling them about all of my exciting adventures in England. Later that evening we relaxed and watched a little TV.

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