Monday, February 6, 1989

Reading Week ...

This has nothing to do with anything, but it was on this date 7 years ago that my friend Scott and I recorded our first "radio station" - a comedy tape we would do from time-to-time when we hung out at one-another's houses. So in honor of (and inspired by) that little piece of history, I got to work on the tape I'm making for Scott, and finally finished it off today.

No classes this week, because it is something called "Reading Week." I'm not sure of its significance. I guess I'm supposed to spend the time studying for exams or something. It probably has more to do with giving professors a week off.

So I used the time to clean up my room, read a copy of The Times, and yes, do a bit of class reading ("Howard's End.") While I did all of that, Viv continued to study for her Spanish-Business exams. Viv continued to study that night while I read, finished Scott's tape, and visited J.P.

Later, Viv and I went to the local chippie for some chicken kiev, which I must admit was kwite tastee.

(Pictured: It's the start of Reading Week... the perfect time to read some great literature, such as Viz Comics' own "Biffa Bacon.")

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