Saturday, February 25, 1989

Triple Feature ...

I spent most of the morning dizzy, recovering from last night's fiesta. It was a slow day highlighted by me not doing any work whatsoever on my Geography essay, like I should've. Most of us who had to do it sat around today talking a lot about needing to do it. Does that count?

We ended up "hiring" three movies (Lee doesn't like it when us Americans say "renting" a video): The impeccably horrible "The Invisible Kid," the hilariously brilliant "Real Genius" and the gory "Re-Animator." We then slumbered in Kenny and Lee's room for the better part of five hours watching these films straight through.

It was a satisfying and cheap evening, which featured a good deal of pointless conversation as well. I finally came out on top in a game of poker tonight, winning a whopping 25p... just enough to enable me to now buy a copy of the Sunday Times tomorrow.

It's great how some things work out.

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