Tuesday, February 28, 1989

Waiting for the Call ...

I received two letters in the mail today... one from Viv and another one from Greg. Both were a welcome way to start off a Tuesday. (Pictured is the letter Greg sent. Click on it for a larger view.)

I went to all three of my classes today, although J.P., Buffy and I left Literature in Context, which was on feminism, a little early since it was quite boring.

I went in to the library for awhile before returning for dinner. After dinner a few of us watched an old Abbott and Costello movie, "Jack and the Beanstalk," a rather funny low-budget comedy.

I waited for Viv to call from Spain, wanting to hear how her trip went. But she may have had problems getting through, because no one came to get me or left me a note to say that she had called.

So I went back to St. Hilda's, played some cards with Kenny, watched "Moonlighting", then returned to my room to read and wait in case Viv tried to call again. She didn't, and I fell asleep before midnight. I hope she's doing OK.

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