Saturday, February 4, 1989

Bummed around ...

Continued to work on Scott's tape today. Viv was studying today quite extensively, so we didn't get a chance to hang out too much. But she has some pretty major exams coming up to determine whether or not she'll be able to move on to study in Madrid. (Pictured: Cover of a Madrid brochure. Will I be going there in March? That depends on how Viv does on these exams.)

I bought a newspaper, then spent the day bumming around either in my room or the gang over in St. Hilda's. I didn't mention it before, but Kenny has a new roommate who took Doug's place in the double room at the end of the hall in St. Hilda's. He's a rather nice bloke. Seems to get on well with Kenny and the rest of us.

Overall, just an average, uninteresting day today.

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