Thursday, February 9, 1989

On to the North York Moors ...

Today was another field trip day for Geography Class, this time to the North York Moors. It was quite a journey to get there, but it was a very nice and scenic area... with a lot of heather.

We learned quite a bit about British National Parks, which are administered quite differently from American National Parks. The most notable difference is that most of the land at a British park is privately owned (only 2% of the North York Moors is actually owned by the state). So while there is much preservation, there are also more residences in a British National Park than you would find at an American one.

We got to walk around the Moors for a bit, then stopped at a pub for some grub. Afterward I picked up a copy of The Times and then boarded the bus to head back to Hull. I read in the paper that there was another plane crash... this time a 707 with mostly Italian passengers heading for the Caribbean.

In unusual news that did not make the papers, J.P. had his trousers stolen. He believes that they were stolen from some drunken Belgians, who swiped them from the drying cabinet. While he said before that he does not believe in the concept of "revenge," he today more-or-less refuted that notion by declaring war upon the entire nation of Belgium. I think he could take them if he catches them off guard.

Overall, this was a pretty good, interesting day. Viv continued her studies.

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